What you should know when playing MyVegas Slots?

vegas-photo-hotelsSo myVegas slots has been produced by very well known studio called Playstudio.com. They are responsible for the best downloaded apps in the play marketplace like pop slots, myvegas slots or blackjack slots also knows as a KONAMI slots. They are group of people who were working for Michael Mike Donald at Vegas and one day they decided to start their own app. You know how Facebook or Instagram success was profitable – we all want this cash!

What myVegas Slots is ?

It is basically the game which you can find in LA or VEGAS casinos. You bet money and then you have to bet on the right number or card. In the end you either loose or win money. But there is a rule – casino always wins! You know what, right?! This where our hack app comes. But about that later on…

How to get free myVegas Chips?

Most of the people from internet which I know will tell you – it is not possible! You cant get anything for free from the internet. They are just stupid people who doesn’t know how life is working. When they are sitting in their homes you can freely enjoy you myvegas free chips and spend them on what ever you want. So now we are on the prizes you can win with this chips.

What can you do with this chips?

There are numerous people on the internet who will tell you how to spend them or even better, give them their chips as a %. The best rides/funds in Vegas ( because you can spend them in this magical city !! ) are:

  • Free hostesses during your whole stay in vegas
  • Free rife back/from casino
  • Free chips ( even more!! ) which you can invest later on
  • Free drinks like Jack Daniels, Chivvas or Johny Walker
  • Free sleeping in hotel/yacht or motel
  • Strips/laps dances or what ever your naught mind is tellin ya!

Always use your mind wisely coz your chips are going to be lost – it is up to you if you will decide to generate them more inline or not.

It’s up to you Boy! Cheers!