What you should know when playing MyVegas Slots?

vegas-photo-hotelsSo myVegas slots has been produced by very well known studio called Playstudio.com. They are responsible for the best downloaded apps in the play marketplace like pop slots, myvegas slots or blackjack slots also knows as a KONAMI slots. They are group of people who were working for Michael Mike Donald at Vegas and one day they decided to start their own app. You know how Facebook or Instagram success was profitable – we all want this cash!

What myVegas Slots is ?

It is basically the game which you can find in LA or VEGAS casinos. You bet money and then you have to bet on the right number or card. In the end you either loose or win money. But there is a rule – casino always wins! You know what, right?! This where our hack app comes. But about that later on…

How to get free myVegas Chips?

Most of the people from internet which I know will tell you – it is not possible! You cant get anything for free from the internet. They are just stupid people who doesn’t know how life is working. When they are sitting in their homes you can freely enjoy you myvegas free chips and spend them on what ever you want. So now we are on the prizes you can win with this chips.

What can you do with this chips?

There are numerous people on the internet who will tell you how to spend them or even better, give them their chips as a %. The best rides/funds in Vegas ( because you can spend them in this magical city !! ) are:

  • Free hostesses during your whole stay in vegas
  • Free rife back/from casino
  • Free chips ( even more!! ) which you can invest later on
  • Free drinks like Jack Daniels, Chivvas or Johny Walker
  • Free sleeping in hotel/yacht or motel
  • Strips/laps dances or what ever your naught mind is tellin ya!

Always use your mind wisely coz your chips are going to be lost – it is up to you if you will decide to generate them more inline or not.

It’s up to you Boy! Cheers!

What are the most popular hacks for slotomania in 2016?

top-slotomania-hacksAs you can see there are many different hacks online. You can just check out YouTube or Google. Many people promote their own techniques to get free gold coins, free items or freebies  for slotomania. Most the these tips doesn’t work – I would even say 95% of them doesn’t work. People offering broken files and corrupted .zip .

The most popular hacks are :

  • Gold coins hack. With this hack you can generate unlimited amount of coins for your account. It is easy even for a inexperienced user to generate coins for free. Gold coins can be used to buy new spins, bonuses or can be transferred to another slotomania account easily.
  • Unlimited spins hack. This hack allows you to spin your slot machine as many times as you want. For security reasons we have added a limit so your account will stay under radar for administrators.
  • Unlock new slot machines. With this hack you can unlock new features, new option and new slot machines. There are plenty of slot machines in slotomania which you will never find. Our tool allows you to use 100% of your account.
  • Easy withdrawal tool. This tool allows you to withdraw all your money directly to your bank account without waiting in the line with other users playing slots. You can get money even in 12h after request!

Please visit our download section to download slotomania cheats and hacks for free.

If you have any suggestions about working hacks or wants to add new features for our hacks. Feel free to use our contact form!

How to start play Clash of Clans

clash of clansIf you have begun entertaining this game now, you must follow the tutorials. It will help you to understand the entire game. You will pursue the large arrows indicating to the most important part into the game. You should follow the 2 rules. One is- there is no need to spend the treasures for boosting up the construction, another is doing not expand all the Wizards at the time of strike the Goblin Village. You will enter at Town Hall 2 subsequently ending the instruction.

Purchase and improve your Gold Storage, Gold Mines, Elixir storage, and Elixir Collectors to their highest level for the 1st two days. There is no need to improve defensive buildings and Walls.

Subsequently completing 48hr, time starts for building up and improving your defensive constructions. To build defenses you should follow the order: Mortar-Archer Towers-Cannons. After ending up all those defensive frames, you will start construct Walls and attempt to sketch your individual basement to pick up hoe defenses work.

At the opening, Walls and the Mortar are the best defenses.  Walls are the very low-cost presently. Therefore you need to upgrade your Walls at 3rd stage as soon as it possible. Construct the Wall encircled the important constructions and defenses.

You may do anything by using your Gems. You must use all those Gems carefully similar to your money. Those Gems will be most useful to purchase the maximum Construction Houses in future.

Following are Basic Steps to Protect Your Base even when you are not playing and offline :

  • Without improving your defenses you cannot take care of your loot.
  • Make sure that all the buildings are intensified in one space.
  • Use your own tricks excessively. They can make lots of destruction to their enemy and want to upgrade continuously.
  • Protect the Storehouses and City Center by covers and constructing Walls encircled them.
  • Ensure that your defenses may defend each other.

At whatever time you can, you just attack another player. For winning this game, attacking will be the only way. You may have lots of loots and trophies by attacking the other players. You can check latest clash of clans hacks online. When you wish to identify your smoother defenses, leave your trophies simply by discovering a base.

Ensure your loot because it may be stolen at the time of attack. Resources will continuously add to your storage immediately when you strike the Storages and Collectors. Therefore at whatever time you want you can stop the attack.

You can add a Gang into game, next begin getting social after arranging the demolished Clan Castle. Check effectively for good Clans. For searching the good Clans you must take time. Possibly you should add a Gang which has a no of members regarding your rural. By donating troops and giving new facilities, a favorable Group will always help you. Not only that, good Clans will always show you that how to the game in proper way.